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Testing for STIs and BBVs

You deserve to be treated with respect when you get tested, so it is important you find a health professional you trust and feel comfortable with.

You will be asked questions about your sex life and other activities to find out which tests may be appropriate for you.

Some questions you might be asked include:

  • Medication history (including hormones)
  • Sexual history and previous STI BBV testing
  • BBV risk history e.g. injecting, tattooing, piercing

Testing may involve a urine sample, blood sample and swabs from the vagina, penis, throat and or anus. The samples can be self-collected in private if you prefer. A routine test without symptoms does not require a physical exam. You can fill out the Sexual Safety Quiz to help you understand more about your testing needs. If it makes you feel more comfortable, you can take a copy of your quiz results to your appointment.